Each system in Mexico City’s public transportation network is run by a different company or organization. Here is an overview of each system’s fare structure:


Cost: 5 pesos

  • The cost of an individual ticket is one of the lowest in the world, and went from 3 pesos to 5 pesos each on December 13th, 2013.
  • Previously, you needed to pay an additional ticket to go to or from Line A at Pantitlán, but this extra charge was eliminated at the same time as the previously-mentioned increase in December 2013.
  • You can purchase individual paper tickets at any station, or you can use a rechargeable fare card (initial cost: 10 pesos) which can also be recharged at any station.
  • One ticket (whether paper or from your card) allows you to travel throughout the whole Metro system and transfer as many times as needed at no extra cost.


Cost: 6 pesos

  • There are no paper tickets. You can only purchase tickets on a rechargeble fare card (initial cost: 10 pesos plus 1 ticket, for a total of 16 pesos). These cards can be purchased and recharged at the vending machines found at every station (except for Line 4; most of the stops do not have the necessary vending machines for buying a card or recharging it).
  • As with the metro, one ticket allows you to ride all 5 lines and transfer at will between the lines.
  • Note that some of the buses on Line 4 go to and from both airport terminals. The cost of a trip to or from the airport is 30 pesos.

Tren Ligero

Cost: 3 pesos

  • As with the Metrobús, paper tickets are not available for the Tren Ligero, you need to use the same rechargeable card (initial cost: 10 pesos). You can buy and recharge the card at any metro station, and the turnstiles will automatically deduct the right fare upon entering the line.

Tren Suburbano

Cost: 6.50 or 15.50 pesos

  • As with the other systems, you need to purchase a rechargeable fare card to use the Tren Suburbano (initial cost: 13 pesos plus 17 pesos in fare, for a total of 30 pesos). However, unlike the other systems, it is not possible to use the same fare card from the Tren Suburbano on the other systems.
  • The fare varies with distance: from 0 to 12.8 km the fare is 6.50, and from 12.9 to 25.6 km the fare is 15.50. You need to scan your card at the turnstile upon entry and exit from the station for it to deduct the proper fare.

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