Site Launch

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After years of working on this site on and off, and after a bad attempt at designing it myself, I have finally “finished” the site.

At least, the general layout and redesign is finally done, thanks to my designer, Annie St-Amant.

Of course, there is still lots of work to be done.

  • Most stations do not have the appropriate icon yet
  • Most stations do not have any information yet
  • I want to add a Google Map to each station page
  • Lots of other details and kinks to work out

If you’d like to know the why behind this site, have a read over here.

However, overall, the site is ready. If you would like to contribute any content (photos, anectodes, whatever else regarding Mexico City and it’s Mass Transit system), please do contact me.

Thanks, and I hope you find this site useful!

What do you think?