Metrobús Line 5 Extension

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On September 7, 2020, the first phase of the extension of the Metrobús Line 5 will open to the public. The extension increases the line from having only 18 stations to a grand total of 51 stations, once the 2nd phase is open. Right now, this 1st phase adds new stations after San Lázaro from Moctezuma to Las Bombas; the final phase, set to be open by the end of 2020, will go all the way to Preparatoria 1.

This extension has not been without controversy, as is any construction in any city. The main issue raised by citizens along the route has been that the subsoil under the route isn’t solid enough, and that there have been sinkholes in the past. This worry is that the large, heavy, double-length Metrobuses constantly passing on the road will weaken the subsoil and that it will collapse under a bus, especially if there is another earthquake that further weaken or move the subsoil. Hopefully that never happens!

Leaving this controversy aside, this is an impressive extension that is seeing the light of day, and should reduce the length of trips by 30% for hundreds of thousands of passengers, as well as the elimination of many old and polluting buses and microbuses.

What do you think?