Line 12 – La Línea Dorada

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Five years after having been announced, and two years after Mexico celebrated the Bicentennial anniversary of their Independence and the Centennial anniversary of the Mexican Revolution, the newest line of the Mexico City Metro System will open officially on October 30th, 2012.

Called the “Línea Dorada / Línea del Bicentenario” (the Gold Line / Bicentennial Line), this new line gives residents faster access to and from the Tlahuác delegación (borough). It offers connections to four other metro lines in the network: Line 7 (orange) at Mixcoac, Line 3 (olive green) at Zapata, Line 2 (blue) at Ermita, and Line 8 (dark green) at Atlalilco, thus also offering an alternative East-West route in the southern part of the city.

As to be expected in a public work of this size, there was some controvery with the original plans, which led to several important changes. Among these was the cancelation of 3 stations: Ganaderos, Vía Láctea, and Del Paso / Axomulco. The cancelation of these stations means that the distance between stations on the Ermita to Pueblo Culhuacán section of the line is much longer than the average for the rest of the line.

Do you have any photos of the opening that you’d like to share? Since I can’t be there myself, I’d love to see your photos, and share them with the rest of the world in another post. You can send your photos through the form on my Contact page. Thanks!

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